Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

simple web with notepad :)

How to create a simple web in a simple application like notepad is very easy,
look the picture below:

In every sintax who have written their respective functional
<html> :  opening of the web
<head> : opening a web head
<title> :  give the title
<body> : a part that will be filled by a paragraph or a table by the user
<table border =”1” width = “100%” bgcolor=”black”>  : provide a table with a line width of the edge thickness of 1 with 100% fit your browser display and a black background color
<tr> : create a new row in the table
<td> : create a new column in the table
<td colspan =”3”>: combining the three columns into one
<td rowspan=”6”>:  combining the six row into one
<marquee> :  make writing a moving or walking
<font face =”algerian” color=”white” size=”5”> :  give a font type algerian colour white and size 5
<img src =”andik2.jpg”  height=”300” width=”200” />:  inputting an image named andik2.jpg and measuring height 300 width 200 (images must be united into a folder as your HTML file)
If you find a sign like this </ word> it means a closure tie a statement 
Can you see the results as follows: for the words "Getting 'bout ME HERE" is actually moving toward the left

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